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We are in the process of re-vamping this website or developing another for the purpose of offering Ric's sheet music & recordings. Please be patient with us. Thank you... 

I am an award-winning composer (& orchestrator-arranger). My music has been recorded by The London Symphony, Fort Worth Symphony and hundreds of recording ensembles (LA, Nashville, other).

I compose because: 1) I am fascinated by how music works, 2) It is a form of prayer, of seeking God and He, I believe reciprocates. I consider this a calling.

Mission: To always do my best work. Quality is subjective, colored by our individual biases, but I never sign off on a piece before it is the best I can do. I'm all about craftsmanship. Inspiration is what comes after I set about to work. I have a very diverse catalog stylistically and ensemble-wise.